Salt and Pepper Shakers


Below are a selection of the shakers I turn.  Some are quirky designs that I personally like rather than other peoples requested designs.

If you would like a shaker turned to your own design in a wood of your choice (subject to availability) just email or call me to discuss your requirements. 

3in" (76mm) high salt & pepper shakers
shown in spalted beech


Bell.JPG (71794 bytes)


Ckw.JPG (64410 bytes)

4in (101mm) shakers 
made from ash and blood wood.





OMw.JPG (49055 bytes)

4in (101mm) shakers.

Left: turned in mulberry

Right: turned in laburnum


OLw.JPG (48960 bytes)


M1w.JPG (45970 bytes) This is a muffineer salt shaker. It's based on the 17 century silver shakers.

The wood used is box.

M2w.JPG (55773 bytes)


upw.JPG (62825 bytes)

This is a novel salt shaker. It's called an Upside Down shaker. The salt comes from the bottom when the shaker is shaken up and down. It is filled through the same hole!

The piece on the right sits inside the shaker at it's base.

It was created by two very experienced woodturners in the USA, one being Dennis Liggett. 




Member of the Hampshire  Woodturners Association

Member of the American Association of Woodturners

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